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Wholesale Insurance Solutions for Niche Industries

Split Commissions Combined Success.

AB Solutions is focused on giving AB Brokers and AR’s the right people to talk to to solve their insurance issues and arrange suitable insurance programs. No longer do you need to spend time trying to find solutions when you are not experienced in or haven’t got tailored products in a particular niche industry. We occupy these niches and can offer you the right solutions with out the run around. Try us now.

A Hard To Place AB Exclusive Facility. Say hello to AB Solutions.

Bio-Science/ Medical Devices/ Medical Products/ Pharma/ Clinical Trials

Trade Credit

Pollution Liability

Product Recall


Copy-write or Patent Protection

Tech $10m t/o +

Ski Lodges

Shopping Centres

Contractual Liability Layers

Ski Lodges

Child Care

Small Bars

Large Cyber over 20,000 records

Golf Courses

Hard To Place PL or ISR

The AB Solutions Difference


Why Going Wholesale within the network makes sense


Although there are a number of insurance solutions available on the market, most rely on brokers arranging the right covers and understanding the niche risks.  This lends additional time and inconvenience to what should be a streamlined, hassle-free process. Many underwriting agencies are also overpriced for what they deliver, and while they might tick some of the right boxes ultimately you need to be comfortable the insurance your are arranging for your client is the best advice, product and service.

Discover the AB Solutions Difference

AB Solutions offers a flexible, tailored solution with shared commissions 50/50 and a set underwriting fee of $150 plus gst.  Select between all or some of our services. Our team of highly experienced and technical brokers use our existing schemes and niche solutions to provide quotes that allow you to earn income where you otherwise would pass on to internationals. Grow your business with confidence.

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